Test the Water

Change your smile - change your lipstick.

Change your smile - change your lipstick.

Step 2

Make an appointment for a consult...

Make an appointment for your Test the Water consult. It will definitely be worth it to be able to talk to an expert about some of the things you have been thinking about.

You can find out basically how extensive the treatment might be to design a smile that you will love, the smile of your dreams.

You can meet Dr. Coker and the rest of the team. You can get a tour of the office.  You can look at pictures of many of the other smiles that Dr. Coker has done.

We will even offer you a cup of coffee or a chocolate chip cookie!

To schedule, just call the office during our "phone answering hours" listed in the 'footer' below.

(903) 581-1777

What if you are thinking about this in the middle of the night and we aren't available by phone?!

You can just send us a message on the Contact Us form and tell us how to contact you during business hours.